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How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling?

Claude Debussy  (via ig-narus)


When i was little i never thought that eyebrows would ever be this important to me.

Destiny is real. And she’s not mild-mannered. She will come around and hit you in the face and knock you over and before you know what hit you, you’re naked- stripped of everything you thought you knew and everything you thought you didn’t know- and there you are! A bloody nose, bruises all over you, and naked. And it’s the most beautiful thing.

C. JoyBell C. (via feellng)

While we are looking for the antidote or the medicine to cure us, that is, the ‘new’, which can only be found by plunging deep into the Unknown, we have to go on exploring sex, books, and travel, although we know that they lead us to the abyss, which, as it happens, is the only place where the antidote can be found.

Roberto Bolaño (via observando)


team “i wore this yesterday but i’m going to a different place so it doesn’t matter”


can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples


Happy Convenience Store Appreciation Day!



remember when u were 9 and u were carrying ur little razor scooter and it would hit ur achilles and it felt like the earth was collapsing

I can’t even explain how right this is

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